Excel - Extract data from one worksheet to many spreadsheets ...



Hi all

is there a macro i can write for the following:

I have one worksheet with extracted data, lets say as an example
columns a-g are populated with data, however each of the rows contains
mulitple data lines for each record for different dates.

The columns could contain, name, job title, course start, course
finish, course title, cost centre, cost (£).

I would like to extract the data from the one worksheet to many
spreadsheets, but would like it to sort the data in the following way
(as an example):

Course Title Total cost cost centre

i would like to have one line for each of the course titles (rather
than multiple lines) sorted by cost centre and the macro should be able
to take all the mulitple data and translate it into one line for each.

I appreciate any help.



Randy Harmelink

If I understand your data correctly, I think all you want to do is
create a pivot table of the data, using cost centre and course title as
your row key fields.

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