Excel data showing up like html language



I have an Excel spreadsheet that was saved with the .xls extension. However,
when I open it, instead of the text that was typed into the spreadsheet, it
now shows html language. Example:

HTML {BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url('Images/spacer3.jpg'); MARGIN: 0px; LINE-HEIGHT:
125%; BACKGROUND-REPEAT: repeat-y; FONT-FAMILY: "Gill Sans", "Gill Sans MT",
"Trebuchet MS", Geneva, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif

Can you tell me what happened? How do I get the original text back?

Dave Peterson

First, I don't have a guess...

But what version of excel are you using?

If you open that same .xls file in NotePad (Don't save!!), what does it look
like? Does it look like HTML stuff or does it look Greek (open a "good" excel
file to compare).


Opened in Notepad and it shows the same html stuff. (I provide support for
others and this is a document that was created in Office 2000....trying to
open in Office 2003 and 2007. Beginning to think someone copied & pasted
html text into a spreadsheet.)

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks!

Dave Peterson

Try copying the file to a new name--but with an extension of .htm (or .html) and
then open that copy.

(Don't destroy the original.)

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