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Big Daddy

I'm a newbie with writing Excel Macros. Basically, what I am trying to do
is convert a workbook with multiple sheets into a single CSV file. I've
got the macro to activate each sheet one at a time and save it as .csv and
then after the last save it saves the workbook again in the normal workbook
format. However, the problem is, is that I have 30 .csv files and I don't
want to have to concatenate them all on the UNIX side. Is there a way to
merge these on the fly as I am saving them in csv format?

Thanks so much for your help.


Dave Peterson

If those are the only .csv files in the folder, you could shell to DOS and then
issue a couple of old commands to combine them and clean up:

Windows start button|Run
cmd (win2k or winXP)
command (win98)

Get to that folder

copy *.csv all.txt
del *.csv
ren all.txt all.csv

to get back to windows.

Tom Ogilvy

Chip Pearson has code to show how to write a CSV file using Low level file
output. You would just adjust the code to open the file once, then loop
through your sheets and write the file

http://www.cpearson.com/excel/imptext.htm import/export text files

an alternative would be to copy all your data to a single sheet workbook and
then save as CSV. Again, this could easily be done with a macro.

or you could concatenate them on the Windows side with the DOS copy command

Copy a.txt+b.txt+c.txt all.txt

using the shell command. But I think one of the previous solutions would
be better.

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