Excel: Copying A Formula



How do I copy this formula ='Daily Takings'!C29-B7-D7-E7 from a cell in
one workbook to a cell in another totaly unrelated workbook without the
formula altering to accomatate its new position and without it relating back
to its old workbook. At the moment the formula when moved adds the title of
the old workbook at the start of the formula so that it ends up looking like
this:- ='[NEW A 10th Amended Accounts Cental Cafe 19.7.09.to18.07]Daily
I have put the $ sign before the letters/numbers like so ='Daily
Takings'!$C$29-$B$7-$D$7-$E$7 and this works with that part of the formula
but what do I do about the:- ='Daily Takings'! part.

Hope that all makes sense.

Rick Rothstein

If I understand your question correctly, select the cell and then select all
the text in the Formula Bar, press Ctrl+C (or click Edit/Copy menu item) to
copy the text into the Clipboard, go to your new location and press Ctrl+V
(or click Edit/Paste menu item) to paste that text into the cell.


highlight your formula - - click copy - - - X out page and when you are
prompt to save click cancell - - - open your new work book and right click
and paste were you want your formula

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