Excel Chart Plot Area Auto Size



In Excel 2003 I'm creating a very simple area chart with a legend placed to
the right of the plot area. If I move the legend to say bottom of the plot
area (right mouse click and "Format Legend/Placement/Bottom") the plot area
itself automatically resizes to maximise the visibility. This is good news
for me.

The problem occurs when the plot area has been manually resized (using the
mouse). When the legend is now moved it only resizes the plot area if it
overlaps with the legend. This is bad news for me because it doesn't maximise
the possible size for the plot area.

If a plot area is manually altered it somehow turns off the ability for the
plot area to be auto sized (as if it was a new chart). How do I turn this
back on again ?

Any help would be appreciated, Jack.



Jon Peltier

You could reset the chart's formatting (Chart menu > Chart Type, check the
Default Formatting checkbox). Unfortunately that resets everything, not just
the autosizing of the chart area. I don't know whether this default behavior
can be individually reset.

- Jon


Thanks Jon that works great.

I'm really curious to what option it actually resets to allow the plot area
to auto resize again. I have looked at the chart through Visual Basic
properties and very little changes, certainly nothing obvious anyway. Is it
something deep (very deep) inside the chart properties that knows when a
chart is manually sized - maybe only the Microsoft programmers will know.

Thanks again.


Jon, just to build upon your great suggestion I have applied a custom chart
type that can retain other important formats but return the plot area to auto

If you want to retain your original custom chart formatting you can create a
user defined chart type by "Chart/Chart Type/Custom Types" check "User
Defined" and "Add" your own chart type (this must be all done before any
manual adjustments are made to the plot area). Then you can apply this chart
type when ever you want to reset the plot area auto sizing after a manual
adjustment without losing important formats elsewhere in the chart.

I guess these types of 'features' are sent to test us.


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