Excel chart does not print in Office 2007



I was using Excel and Word 2007 Beta, there were following problems: Chart
were not visible for printing and Word stop responding frequently.

Can anyone suggest the answer to these problems.

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THis is a silly workaround, but if you copy the chart then paste it into a
graphic editor such as fireworks, then copy it back out of fireworks & paste
it into word, it will print. I ran into your same problem & this is how I
got it to work. The issue then is that it is now a bitmap graphic & may not
resize well... you can resize it in excel 2007 first & ten do the copy trick

hope that helps..

PS: only tried this using macromedia fireworks, which does a great job at
accepting copy formats from almost any app.

... cheers.



What i wanted is to print a chart while in Excel and not copy to Word. When I
print or print preview using MS Office Excel 2007 Beta 2, the charts are not
visible and while printing they come out blank pages.

If anyone knows that, please let me know, OR there is something wrong with


My boss is having the same issue and I have googled, searched the internet
non stop and can not find the answer.

If ANYONES knows how to correct this please respond.

Thank you.

Lane Neufeld

I'vve come accross this issue as well, but i haven't found the complete
solution...I know it has to do with printer settings, but I don't know what
settings to use...


I've had this issue as well. It turns out that you need to set the
print area to include the chart.

- select all the cells that you want printed (including the cells
behind the chart),
- File --> Print Area --> Set Print Area
- Print!

Also its worth checking to be sure that chart printing hasn't been

- Right click on your chart -> Format Chart Area
- Properties
- Ensure Print Object is checked.

Hope this helps!




This too is strange way to get it to work, but I highlighted the graph and
hit ctrl C to copy it, then clicked on the arrow under Paste --> and selected
Paste Special. From there I selected to paste it as a Picture (Enhanced
Metafile) and it worked. This was printing an excel chart out of Word 2007

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