Excel cell update slowly


Haritha Kolla

I have an excel sheet with 4 sheets;

first sheet using 250 columns and 300 rows; around 40 columns have simple
formula's, in which 20 columns have formula's refering to other sheet.

second sheet has 100 columns with 300 rows; 16 columns have vlookup formulas.

When user modifies the cell in first sheet, its taking longer time to update
the modified cell. On every cell change, we see the calculation running from
0 to 100%. The cell changes are updated slowly. The Calculation is set to
automatic. How should we fix this issue?



Don Guillett

If your vlookup formulas are using all rows, change to the only the area
=vlookup(a2,sheet2!a2:z100,12,0) instead of a:z


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