Excel cannot complete this task....



Hi all

I have a Vlookup formula that looks into a separate workbook (called
Deadlines) and scans about 3000 rows and 25 columns for information.

Today I added 3000 odd rows to the Deadlines workbook and now I'm getting an
error message of: "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources.
Choose less data or close other applications."

No other applications are open and I can't choose less data.

I'm using Windows XP with office 2000 applications.

Does anyone know of any solutions to my problem????

Would splitting the data into two separate workbooks make any difference? I
can split the data into "types" and use a formula like this:

=if(A4="Type 1",vlookup(A3,deadlines1,23,0),if(A4="Type

I'm asking before I try it in the hope that someone can advise me -
otherwise I'll waste alot of time moving data, redefining areas and changing
formulas for no result.


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