Excel calculating very slowly in Excel 2004 for Mac



My girlfriend is running Microsoft Excel version 2004 on her ibook G4.
her computer specs are 800 mhz G4, 368mb ram, 30gb hd, 32mb video ram

Her business math class uses excel to run calculations for lists o
3000+ entires. They use gateways in class. the gateways are old
running p3 mobiles lower than 1 ghz, with standard 256 ram. Th
calculations they run are simple division. when the laptops at schoo
calculate the forumla and fill down all 3000+ entries it does it almos
instantly, but on her mac, it says calculting on the progress bar an
takes almost a minute. any thoughts on why?

i have auto calc. on. please no because its a mac ignorance, i
looking for honest answers here. thanks in advance

JE McGimpsey

Well, on my 450MHz G4 Tower copying 3000 simple division formulae takes
less than 400 milliseconds (i.e., barely perceptible - I didn't time it
to a finer resolution).

While in most areas, MacXL is somewhat slower than WinXL on a comparable
processor (though a few functions are faster), it's not anywhere near
the orders of magnitude that you're looking at. Are the division
formulae referring to other workbooks? How large is the workbook?

Without knowing more about what she's running, I can't give specific
recommendations. While OSX likes as much memory as you can give it, that
kind of delay is more than just tight memory. Is she running other
applications at the time?

You might try posting in micorosoft.public.mac.office.excel, too.

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