Excel bug?



I've been trying to narrow down a problem we've been experiencing with Excel,
and one of my colleagues has sent me the message included below. Are
microsoft aware of this? And - triumph of hope over experience here - is
there any chance of MS fixing this if they do?


I think I’ve just moved this fault from us to Excel, which doesn’t help the
user much but means there’s not much point us spending more time on this.

I can create a crash in Excel 2002 SP3 on Win XP SP3 as follows:

· Create a new workbook with three sheets.
· On Sheet2, name any cell prop_recharge.
· On Sheet1, enter +prop_recharge in any cell.
· Open Visual Basic editor.
· Make Sheet2 very hidden.
· Save the workbook.

I then get the same crash we were getting with the other files.

If I do the same thing with the name proparecharge Excel doesn’t crash.







I do not receive this error either.

Are you/your team using any addins or COM addins? Perhaps that is the
source of the issue?

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