Excel autoformatting dates



Hi. I was wondering how to turn off the autoformatting of dates within Excel
2007. For instance, when you type "3-21", it changes it to "21-Mar."

I know that you can change the formatting of the cell to be "text" before
you type into the cell, or you can add an apostrophe before the text to
indicate that the numbers are text. That's not what I'm asking. I want a
PERMANENT solution to this problem. I find this feature of Excel to be
thoroughly obnoxious (particularly when importing .txt or .csv files), and
I'd like to permanently turn it off. Is there anyway to do this?



Shane Devenshire


There is nothing in Excel to do what you want. However, someone may come up
with a registry modification for you, but if they do it will probably effect
ALL autoformatting including such things as $4, 5%, all date and all time

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