Excel auto accumulation formulas



Hi hello,

I need a formula for auto accumulation formula like example:

John need to give me USD50 everyday for one month, so if he never paid the
money i will key in 0.00 in that collumn and the ammount accmulated for today
is 50.00 and the next day calculation like USD100, but if he did the payment
full i will key in 50.00, if he only pays USD30 i will key in 30.00, so the
balanse out standing will shows 30.00 for today and will shows 80.00 on the
next day. I need a formula for every single day it auto accumulate USD50.

I'm trying alot of formula but none is working. Thank You for you help!!!



Jacob Skaria

With data as below...apply the below formula in cell B2..and copy down as


Col A Col B Col C
Date Pending Actuals
5/11/2010 0 50
5/12/2010 0 50
5/13/2010 0 50
5/14/2010 30 20
5/15/2010 80
5/16/2010 130
5/17/2010 180
5/18/2010 230
5/19/2010 280
5/20/2010 330
5/21/2010 380
5/22/2010 430
5/23/2010 480
5/24/2010 530
5/25/2010 580

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