Excel/Access template to enter/sort utility bill info



I was wondering if anyone knew of a template anywhere that I can use to enter
utility bill information. I work for a municipality and my department is
responsible for paying over 130 utility bills for different buildigs. I have
been asked to assemble the past 4 years worth of utility bill data and
provide reports. Is anyone familiar with an Excel or Access template that
will allow me to enter: date of bill, begin/end meter readings, total amount
of bill, account number, and name of building. Any help would be greatly


In the absence of a template, you can quickly knock up your own. Decide
if you want to put all the data on one sheet, or if you want to split
it so that you have a separate sheet for each building - in the latter
case you can have all the data pertinent to the building (address,
location, account number etc) stored once at the top of the sheet, with
the information from each bill on a different row below it. Four year's
worth of (monthly) data will need 50 rows, and you have already
identified some of the columns of information you would need - I would
suggest other columns for meter difference (to give usage in kWh) and
cost breakdowns.

If you decide on the first route and put all the data on one sheet then
you must decide how you are going to organise it - group all the bills
for one location together and allocate a block of say 100 rows to each
building, or have a block of 130+ rows allocated for each month of
bills, or even just record the billing information randomly. You will
need extra columns to enable you to aggregate the data, eg by building,
by month etc.

Just a few thoughts - hope this helps.


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