Excel 2013 one userform directing activity in many workbooks

Jul 9, 2015
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This vba project works well in Excel 2007 but not in Excel 2013: initial workbook sheet (filled yellow and showing the business name) always remains in the full screen background, one password activated modal UserForm on view when the program is in use, modal MsgBoxes appearing when necessary, ScreenUpdating = False, a dozen bulky workbooks invisibly accessed as needed (business stock list, sold stock list, 27,000 registered customers so far, lay by record, lay by archive, daily transaction record, financial year record, etc) Referencing 'ThisWorkbook' and 'ActiveWorkbook' appears to be unreliable in the 2013 'Single Document Interface' environment. 'JKP-ads' has published code which might solve part of the issue - if I could get it to work. My solution at present is to avoid Excel 2013, be locked in the past, and hope that some day Microsoft offers its former MDI as an option, or else attempt to re-write the project. How have others dealt with this issue?

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