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Feb 25, 2015
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I have a spreadsheet containing upcoming government tender deadlines - the first column, A1-A20 etc, contains the dates of each tender deadline.
So that I do not miss them, I want to be warned when the deadlines are approaching, one fill colour (red) for the whole row for 1 day hence and another fill colour (pink) for the whole row for two days hence.
Then, when I have dealt with the tender, I will mark the next cell along B1 with "Y" and I need column A1 to lose all fill colour.
Finally, once I have either been awarded or declined the tender, I want to mark cell C3 with either a "Y" or a "N". When "Y" is typed in I would like the fill colour of that whole row to turn say, green, and when "N" is typed in I would like the fill colour of that whole row to turn say, blue.
Is there a clever way to update the Descending date with one or two clicks?

I have figured out to do parts of the above but I cannot find out how to do the complete thing. Guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks


Feb 21, 2015
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There are many ways in Excel to alert you if due date for a particular document is approaching.

In which one of them is “conditional formatting”. Follow these steps for setting an alert when due date deadlines are approaching:

1. Select the cell contains “due dates”.

2. From the Format menu, select “Conditional Formatting”.

3. In conditional formatting dialog box, check first drop down list is set to “Cell Value Is”.

4. Check that, Less Than is set in second drop down list.

5. Now in the formula field enter ”=TODAY()” and click on the format button.

6. In Format dialog box choose the color Red from the color drop down list.

7. Now close the Format Cells dialog box by clicking the Ok.

8. Click on Add button from Conditional Format popup box and make sure that first and second drop down list of condition 2 is “Cell Value Is” and “Less Than” respectively.

9. Enter “=TODAY()+7” in formula field.

10. Click on format button. A Format Cells popup box will appear in which select the color blue from Color drop down list. And click on OK.

11. Now close the Conditional Formatting dialog box by clicking OK button.

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