Excel 2007



I've created a workbook with four sheets: Sheet1, Road1, Road2, Road3.

In Sheet1 I entered a sheetname e.g. Road1 in cell A1, Road2 in cell A2,
Road3 in cell A3 etc.

I then wish to pull information from the relevant sheet into Sheet1 cell B1,
B2 and B3

However, I wish to auomate this but the order in Sheet1 column A will change
so I need to look up the sheet name from Sheet1 column A to go to the correct
tab within the workbook.

The values from sheets Road1, Road2 and Road 3 will change so Sheet1 will be
automatically updated.

Any help please?

Thank you,

Don Guillett

If desired, send your file to my address below. I will only look if:
1. You send a copy of this message on an inserted sheet
2. You give me the newsgroup and the subject line
3. You send a clear explanation of what you want
4. You send before/after examples and expected results.

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