Excel 2007/Vista: Missing file name on import external data connection



Hello-hopefully this the right form for this question:
From an XP machine, I have had no problems using Excel 2007 to import
comma delimited text (csv) files stored on my local hard disk into a
particular spreadsheet. The Data>Get External Data>From Text wizard
works fine and have had no trouble using the Refresh function.
However, on my Vista machine, when refreshing information in a
workbook coming from a data source (i.e.: text file) the file name is
missing from the Import Text File box. But when I look into the
connection properties (from the Data>Connections>Properties>Definition
tab>Connection File) the correct name of the file is listed. I think
this is related to a security feature in Vista, where it recognized
the source but makes me reselect the file. This is fine, except that
I have several queries set often times within the same workbook so it
becomes a problem when I have to re-do a query that is suppose to work
automatically. Any suggestions?
Apr 22, 2014
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You need to select each Data Connection, go into its properties and un-select the Prompt on open box. Now the prompt does not come up but it refreshes the file.

- Mike

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