Excel 2007 text import as text not date



I receive a text file which has a column containing data such as
"2010/04". this is not a date and represents the 4th period in the
fiscal year 2010 (which in calendar terms in Nov 2009). Excel 2007
after importing through the wizard automatically changes data in this
column to Apr-10. if i click on teh cell i see 2010-04-01 (my
regional date setting is yyyy-mm-dd). thus far i use the text import
wizard and instruct Excel to treat this column as text in order to get

However my colleague (same laptop, same software versions, Win-XP
operating system) does not have to go through above process to get
2010/04. The only difference we can determine is that his Regional
Date settings are mm/dd/yy against my yyyy-mm-dd.

Is it possible for me to keep my regional date settings of yyyy-mm-dd
and avoid the 4 extra key strokes needed to import this data??

Appreciate any response

Jacob Skaria

From the 'Text Import Wizard' Step 3; From 'Data Preview Area' select all
the columns which you would want to be displayed as text. Once selected the
background will be black and the text will be white. Then on the same window
from the group 'Column Data format' select Text and Hit Finish.

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Hi jacob
appreciate the response. However your answer didnt solve my issue.
My intent is to avoid the Text Import Wizard as my colleague does.
For reasons we cant determine he does not even get the Text Import
Wizard, instead Excel opens the file and presents teh data in the
needed format.

I am not so lucky and am required to go through the Text Import

appreciate teh assistance all teh same


Jacob Skaria

Excel saves this setting for a session...So first time when you open the text
file you will see the wizard....and then until the application is closed
excel takes that setting and will not display the wizard when you open text

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