Excel 2007: Lines not displaying on Scatter Plots



I have equipment that spits out system variables every minute for
weeks/months at a time. There are numerous gaps in the data when the system
is not "sampling", from minutes to days at a time, though I maintain
continuity of the Date/Time stamp that I use as the x-axis. So the data sets
I use are enormous, maximizing the capabilities of Excel (i.e. 30,000 points
per data series and typically no more than 6 data series per plot). The
chart data references multiple worksheets, so a Scatter Plot is the only
appropriate option.

I have recently installed Office 2007, though some programs of Office 2003
are still loaded on the system. When trying to plot Lines (w/ no Markers) on
Scatter Plots, the lines will display appropriately in the Legend but not in
the Chart Area. Then only way I can get data to display in the Chart Area is
by selecting Markers (w/ no Lines). This is not an appropriate work-around,
and I have NEVER had an issue creating plots like this in Excel 2003.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Jon Peltier

What would probably help is changing the setting for how Excel deals with
blank cells. Right click on the chart, choose Select Data, and click the
Hidden and Empty Cells button on the bottom left corner of the dialog.
Choose the Connect Data Points with Lines option for how to show empty

- Jon

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