Excel 2007 how to set solver options as available in Excel 2003



I'm trying to set solver options in Excel 2007 but cannot find the options
menu that is available in Exccel 2003 that is showing tangential estimates,
search etc.

Surely Microsoft have not become Luddites and destroyed what they once had?

As a general gripe, just to vent my steam, why is the Microsoft Help system
so basically useles so often> Sure I may not be searching optimally. But I'm
not stupid and I would have thought any decent search system responding to
"set solver options" would give me the answer I am looking for, and not 100
useless items to do with printing etc.


look in the datatab. and look under what if.

Might be what your looking for


Peter T

If I search "set solver options" the 6th topic is "Solver Options", which
gives copious information about the options. If I search simply "solver" the
1st topic is "Define and solve a problem by using Solver". This starts off
by explaining how to install the addin (if not already) then where to find
it (Data, Analysis) and use it.

If your help does not give similar I suspect you have not installed the
April-09 update for Excel's Help, see KB963678, (it's a significant

Peter T

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