Excel 2007 highlights multiple cells when trying to select one.



I have run in to an odd problem that is difficult to duplicate. When working
in excel, as you click between different cells, it randomly selects multiple
cells. For example, if I click on an individual cell it highlights that cell
plus two to the right (or two to the top/bottom). Tried several solutions
posted on the web but nothing seems to resolve the root of the problem.


1. Try tapping the wheel of scroll mouse, if applicable.
2. Try changing the page view from Page Layout to any other View option:
View tab > Normal
3. Close the spreadsheet, open again and see if behavior still exists.
4. Close Excel, open the spreadsheet and see if behavior still exists.
5. If cell still selects multiple cells, up keyboard up/down/left/right
arrows to navigate away and then back to cell, then click in the formula bar
to edit
6. If it says EXT or Extend Selection in the bottom left corner of Excel,
then it is in Extended mode - try tapping the F8 key once
7. Try zooming out then clicking the cell selection again: View tab > Zoom >
Edit % in Custom field > Click OK

It is also impossible to “make this happenâ€. It usually occurs randomly.

Does MS recognize this as a problem?

Mike H


You seem to have tried everything except considering a faulty keyboard. If a
shift key is sticking it will give this problem.

A few well aimed slaps on the back of the keyboard has been known to
dislodge dead animals etc.



I have also come across this problem (my keyboard is almost brand new, when I
click on a cell it is selecting that cell plus a couple above and a couple
below so 5 cells altogether.

Did a google search on it and the only tip I found that sometimes solves it
is to click in the cell very quickly. Once I've done this once the problem
seems to away for awhile but it has come back later.


Same problem here. This is an obvious bug based upon all of the other
Internet posts I have read. I've yet to find a Microsoft supported fix.

Gord Dibben

There has been no fix to date.

Just keep changing the Zoom level.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


At the bottom of your Excel Sheet you may find a menu bar that starts to your
left with the word "Ready." Look to the far right on the same bar and you
will see three small icons (1 = normal; 2 = page layout; 3 = page break
view). To correct the problem, make sure that you are on "normal." Your
problem will go away. This solution is, however, spreadsheet related and not
universal for the program, so you may have to correct each spreadsheet where
the problem exists.

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