excel 2007 graph question



A little back ground of what I want to do
I have a simple survey that I have friends fill out. This survey asks the
question which football team is your favorite.
Now I have in the drop down a choice of four teams, Eagles, Cardinals,
Stealers, and Ravens.
Each person types there name and makes a pick
This pick ends up in an excel sheet in a row showing the users name and what
they picked example:

Susan Eagles
John Cardinals
Tom Eagles

What I would love to have is a graph showing which team was the most popular
according to how many picks were made
Like the graph bar would show 1 a small bar for the cardinals and a larger
bar for 2 for the eagles.

I have no idea how to do this and I have a feeling it isn’t easy, I did a
google search but I couldn’t find anything that helped maybe I am using the
wrong keywords
Any ideas?

Jon Peltier

Put column headers over your data ("Name" and "Team" will do nicely). Select
the data and create a pivot table. Drag the Team field to the Rows area
(where it becomes a list of team names) and also to the Data area (where it
becomes Count of Team). The resulting pivot table will have a list of teams
and the number of times each team was selected.

- Jon

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