Excel 2007 Character Display



Is there a limit on the number of characters that will properly display in an
Excel 2007 cell? When I enter text with more than 259 characters, the cell
displays all #####. This happens no matter how I size the cell or whether I
have text wrap turned off or on. Is there a way to change the size limit
that will display?



Gord Dibben

Excel has always had a problem showing text when number of characters is
betweem 255 and 1024 when the cell has been formatted to TEXT

Re-format to General and the ############## wil go away.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP



Robin B!

I concur with Gord Dibben's response. I did that just today. If you change
the cell to "General" format, all of the text will display.

I also recommend changing the cell to "Wrap Text" to allow you to keep the
cell at a limited width, but still able to see all the text.

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