Excel 2007 - Are Users Experiencing Problems with Charts?



Has anyone experienced problems with charts created in Excel 2003 loosing
formatting when opened in 2007?

So far these are the general problems I'm experiencing and I'm not sure if
there's a solution, or if I should wait for the final release where these
issues are hopefully corrected.

1. Full Charts created in Excel 2003 as separate sheets vs. embedded loose
their formatting when opened in 2007, for example, the page size, page
orientation, legend location, margins, axis alignments, all sometimes get
munged up to some other setting.
2. When you try to edit the axes, sometimes you can't type into the text box
to make the change. Every now and then I manage to edit the Axis titles, but
I can't figure out how I did not. For now, I transfer the file to my other
workstation which has Excel 2003 to format the charts.
3. When you try to publish multiple charts (as sheets) to PDF, sometimes
the charts are printed incorrectly, like the first one will have the plot but
the data points are all gone, another spreadsheet will have the entire plot
zoomed out so you can no longer see the actual axes. However, the problems
with publishing to PDF are consistently seen in the same Excel files.

I also realize, I actually miss simply having the Right Click > Chart
Options dialogue box for configuring the Chart. If my imput counts, I would
like to see that back.

Jon Peltier

These problems were very bad in Excel 2007 Beta 2. They were mostly fixed
up, but still less than satisfactory in Beta 2 Technical Refresh. We haven't
seen the RTM version yet; I presume it will be better but still not quite

You would be wise to think hard before upgrading, to make sure that you can
still do what you need. Newer with more features does not always equate to

- Jon

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