Excel 2003 worksheet duplication -not intended



I have an Excel worksheet named (example)Insurance worksheet 2007. When I
opened the worksheet this morning it came up with two(2) worksheets named the
same as above, however one was listed as Insurance worksheet 2007:1 and the
other Insurance worksheet 2007:2. I looked in restore but there was nothing
to restore from the end of the day. The last file saved was at 12:00 PM. I
had saved the worksheet at the end of the day (5:00PM) but it didn't show up.
It is almost like the Insurance worksheet-2007 was the folder and it held 2
worksheets, but that is not the case. Help!



Luke M

A new window was created.

Go to Window - Arrange. Pick vertical, and then close one of the panes.

You normally use that feature when doing a comparison, or if you want to do
an Alt-Tab combo, but switch between sheets in the same workbook.



David Biddulph

It's not 2 worksheets, it's 2 windows open on the same worksheet. [You get
in that situation by Window/ New Window, or Alt-W-N.] Close one with the
blue X, not the red X above it in the top right-hand corner. Save and
reopen and you should see only the one window.

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