Excel 2003 VBA - Select a range based on a date



Part 1

I have a spreadsheet that I want to open protected (locked). However,
I want to unlock a specific range for data entry based on the day of
the actual system date.

For example if today is 11/5/08 then we want to unlock row 5,
specifically cells B5:I5.

I have experimented with several functions, which return the desired
results, but I am not skilled enough to place them into a well-written
VBA subroutine.

Please note the following function examples that return the start and
ending cells of the desired range.

=ADDRESS(DAY(NOW()),2) this will display the start cell of the range
(B5) and=ADDRESS(DAY(NOW()),9) will display the last cell in the range

If anyone could assist with the writing of a subroutine that would
select the whole range, for example;


That would be the first step to my solution.

Part 2

Tying it all together...

Once the range can be selected based on the system date, through code,
then the next task is to either unlock that range for editing or
better yet, utilize the menu command Tools, Protection, Protect and
Share Workbook and should read menu command Tools, Protection, Allow
Users to Edit Ranges

So we can allow specific users based on their Active Directory Account
to edit a particular range.

However, at a minimum, opening the sheet unlocked (protected) and
saving it locked (protected) would work.

Thanks in advance for staying up at night working on this.




The code below would unlock Range B3:I3 (as of today) on sheet 1.
The cells property is similar to the Address function except it is not a
Note the dots before Range and Cells. These tie the references to the sh
variable which represents Sheets(1). If these dots are omitted and another
sheet is active, the code will fail. Details for this code can be found in
the VBA help file. To access that file, press Alt + F11 to open the VBE and
click the question mark in the circle on the menu bar. Then type in the key
words in the search box to bring up the topic menu. Good luck.

Sub dued()
Dim s As Range, sh As Worksheet
Set sh = Sheets(1)
With sh
Set s = .Range(.Cells(Day(Date), 2), .Cells(Day(Date), 9))
End With
sh.s.Locked = False
End Sub

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