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May 24, 2010
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I have two worksheets, one is a master data sheet, the other is a performance review sheet.

I'd like the PRS to pull a name entered on it from the master data sheet along with certain values to audit the performance of our team. There are at least six bits of data I need to pull from the master data sheet. The headers and names are not in row 1 or column A.

I could do a copy and paste but the team I have is 30 strong and would get quite tedious.

Would it be as simple as putting '=' into the box I want auto filled and renaming the master data sheet so it always reflects in the audit sheet? The master data sheet changes every month you see.

So, when I enter a name into a given field in the audit sheet, it would then automatically search the master data sheet for that name, go to the relevant cells and copy over the data such as 'average report volume' or '%age waste', and fill in the cells on the audit sheet so I would have a performance review for each individual team member to put into their PDR file.

Any help appreciated, if I need to clarify further please ask.

Much appreciated.

Edit: additionally, the master sheet starts on column B and goes over to AM, and I only need maybe 12 items from this to be pulling into the 2nd worksheet of the PRS
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