Excel 2003-Insert Cut Cells



Prior to reinstalling Excel 2003, I was able to cut rows from one file and
insert them into a new file using my mouse. Now that the Excel has been
reinstalled, the insert cells option does not appear on the menu, to allow me
to do this. How can I get this option to be available?




The problem is probably that you are trying to now cut from one instance of
excel and insert paste into another instance of excel. For some reason, not
all the options for going from one instance to another are available with
copy/cut/paste. I would suggest opening your destination file within the
same instance of Excel. You should then be able to cut/Insert Cut Cells.
Hope this helps!



Gord Dibben

You still can in 2003 but if you happen to be running two instances of Excel
with a workbook open in each the Insert Cut Cells is unavailable.

Close one instance and open both books in one instance.

And then to prevent a new instance of Excel from starting go to
Tools>Options>General and uncheck "Ignore other apllications."

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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