excel 2000 exit problem


Mark Rumler

Running win ME, Intel PIII at 850MHz. with 256 Megs RAM.
While using excel 2000,(program was running fine) suddenly
cannot go to preview screen - system conpletely locks up.
Sometimes get error that "System is dangerously low on
resources" After Restart, Started Excel and then tried to
close program. System tries to close - long wait - then I
get the resource error message. Uninstalled and
reinatalled Ofice 2000 Pro. Did not fix problem. Shut
down most things in task bar. Did not fix problem. I can
open Excel, load files, work on them, save them and print
them. I just cannot to the preview screen or exit out of
excel. Ran current virus scan and the Compaq system test,
no problems or errors encountered. Only thing I can think
of is to reinstall Win ME. Problem - I do not have ME on
CD. Resides on hard drive. How can I run the ME setup
from the HD? Anyone have similar problem and a good fix?
Thanks for any help!



R. Walker


I'm have the same problem, Excel hangs on closure and preview screen
(endless hourglass). I'm also running ME with 128M RAM. Have you
found an answer for this problem?? It's hard for me to believe that
you need to reload the OS to fix.


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