Michael Bate

I am attempting to build an XPE SP2 image on CF with EWF RAM Reg. CF is
formatted FAT16.

The CF is two GB and has a single partition, using all but 10 meg (I had
already tried EWF RAM mode but ran into problems: "Can't create EWF

I started by following the procedure for configuring EWF RAM Reg mode,
but did not set all the registry entries in the TD Configuration (I only
set the first one - "Type" under ewf\Parameters\Protected\Volume0. I
did not enter the ArcName [confused by directions] and did not find the
{71A27CDD... class so did not proceed).

FBA went normally (although there was a BSOD on the first try; this did
not repeat) and the OS seemed to operate fine (booted OK several times)
UNTIL I made the remaing changes to the registry as specified by EWF RAM
Reg and rebooted.

I then got a BSOD 0x0000007B.

Any ideas? This is my first XPE project.

- Michael Bate

Brad Combs

Hi Michael,

If you have "Volume Shadow Copy Service" in your build can you double check
that the value "VolSnap" is under
.. "EWF" should also be listed here.

Search the newsgroup archive for "VolSnap 7B" and you'll find a few relevant

Here's a link:


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