EVGA Bronze 500 W


Mar 25, 2003
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Tech Power Up have reviewed the EVGA Bronze 500 W which they rate highly when it comes to good value for money:

"High-end products provide prestige to a manufacturer's name, but the mainstream and mid-level ones pay the bills because they sell in much larger quantities. EVGA knows this and has released a mainstream PSU for the budget user's small or secondary system at the same time as their new SuperNOVA units. Today's star, the fresh EVGA Bronze 500 W unit, or 500B, is supposed to get the job done reliably without putting a dent into your bank account. Promising good performance and compatibility with Haswell's advanced sleep states, we are pretty sure many of you will like this little fellow costing $50.

The 500B features a non-modular design, is 80 Plus Bronze certified, and has very compact dimensions. The OEM behind this unit is HEC/Compucase. This specific manufacturer produces affordable units, and we have actually encountered the same platform in our recent be quiet! L8-500 review. But there are differences between the two units sharing the same platform, and we will make sure to point them out to you in this review."


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