Event Viewer ID 4000 and 4001



I am currently having a problem with our email (not
redirected to email server hosted by another company, we
host our own company website onsite, and there is no email
server (exchange server) onsite)
It's been working fine until last week. User access our
website and send us feedback, question, or comments. All
incomming message stored in our website server (queue
directory) and never been redirected to another email
server (which hosted by another company) If I send email
using hotmail, yahoo, mail arrived with no problem. That
means email server is up and running. On our onsite web
server, I checked Event Viewer and got ID 4000 and 4001.
I found the answer to this error on microsoft.com and have
changed the binding order for the Internet IP to be higher
than the Internal IP. Problem still occurs. I checked
and we have Windows 200 SP4. I checked all firewall
setting and ping the DNS server (the company hosts our
email) Firewall setting is fine (I saw traffic goes
thru), and Ping gets reply also. At this point, I have no
clue. Does anyone see this problem before? Any
recommedation is greatly appreciated.



Deji Akomolafe

Maybe your email provider closed their Relay backdoor and now your
webserver/application is not able to route the emails in its queue through
the provider's mail servers anymore. I am guessing here, because you haven't
really described how you were doing the redirection originally.


Dèjì Akómöláfé, MCSE MCSA MCP+I
Microsoft MVP - Directory Services
www.readymaids.com - COMPLETE SPAM Protection
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