Event Viewer Errors WinXP client Win2K domain controller



This is a further inquiry:
I am running a Windows 2000 Domain and using roaming profiles and group
policies. After joining an XP_SP2 client machine to the network, I noticed
some event viewer System log errors on the XP client machine. The errors
pertain to Net Logon Service and W32Time. The net logon error states: 5719
No domain controller is available for domain due to the following error-There
are currently no logon servers to service the log on request. The W32Time
error states: 29 The time provider NTPClient is configured to aquire time
from one or more time sources, however one or more sources are not currently
accessible. If I log on right away, then the roaming profile does not load
but if I wait a few minutes, then it will load correctly. So, I wrote to
this community group and a person mentioned that this is a known issue and I
should try Enabling via group policy "Always find the network at startup and
logon." This worked, the roaming profile now loads correctly if the user logs
in right away. But, I still see the 5719 Netlogon Event and the 29 W32Time
event in the event viewer system log. Is this just part of the "known issue"
that isn't resolved or do I need to enable another policy or can this be
resolved? Is it something I need to be concerned about? Thanks for your help.



Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

Make sure the client time synchronizes with the Domain. this troubleshooting
may help.
Troubleshooting Windows Time Issues and Tools
Also refer to this link: Why does my DC PC query time.windows.com
instead of DC; Use w32tm /resync command to check if you can synchronize
with the DC. ...

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