Event Properties using C#



Hi All,

before you understand my problem see the http://www.eventid.net
the above URL is similar to my problem.

According to my project requirement I will give the EventID as input of

any Event. [Ex : MSSQLSERVER EventID is 17055].

So I have to retrieve all the standard properties of Events as per the
EventID. [Ex : you restart the MSSQLSERVER Service and see the Event
Viewer log file so you will have the Log Entry for MSSQLSERVER double
click on it. so u will find some of the standard properties
of the events like [Date, Time, Source, EventID, Description...etc.].


Ignacio Machin \( .NET/ C# MVP \)


I can be crazy but I think this is the third or 4th time you post this
question, a indication in the subject that this is a repost would be nice

my advice is that you post this also in another group, one more related to
SQL than to C#

still not clear to me what you want though.

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