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Sean Kane

How do I address the error "The inter-site messaging
service SMTP Transport plug in failed to add the
following smtp routing domain smtp transport..." I
cannot find anything on MS.com/support.



diasmith [MSFT]

Hi Sean,

I could not find much on this, but what I did find seems to point to IIS.
Here is what I was able to find:

These errors occur becuase the IISAdmin service has been disabled or
stopped. A likely cause for this might be if someone were trying to
protect themselves against
the Nimda virus and stopped this service or uninstalled IIS. Restarting
the IISAdmin Service should solve this problem.

I did find this errors on www.eventid.net. The IT pros had posted their fix
as Uninstalling and Reinstalling IIS.

Here are their comments:

Exchange 2000 server running exchange 2000 crashed after installing 2
hotfixes. Server was a Global catalog server but held no other fsmo roles
within active
directory environment. After re-installing win2k and putting it into the
domain all was fine except for errors and warnings 1657, 1466, 1409 and
1373. Un-installed IIS
and re-installed and the errors went away. From what I can tell it was
looking for a token created when the original server was built. After new
server went on-line
the token id (guid? –SID?) changed.

Recieved exact same errors after performing upgrade of a Windows NT 4.0 PDC
to Win2K DC. Uninstalling then re-installing IIS resolved the problem.

Note: Before you uninstall IIS, ensure that you have good backups and you
are aware of how to reconfigure settings.

Thank You.


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