Event ID 7000 - lntbugic service



I now have the following error every time I start the
Windows 2000 SP3.
This error is recorded in the event viewer.

Event ID 7000
The lntbugic service failed to start due to the following
The system can not find the path specified.

What does this mean? How can I correct this problem?
Thank you


You have a service on your machine called 'lntbugic'

If you go into 'Control Panel/ Administrative Tools/ Services' you'll see it

If you double click the service (lntbugic), you'll see the path to it.


The error you are getting is probably because either the Path (C:\...)
doesn't exist or you don't have the service started.

If you trace the path to this service, right-click the file & choose
'Properties', what does the the version info say? (Company etc.). That way,
you'll be able to narrow down which application installed the service

You can then find out if that application is still installed.

I have seached the Microsoft Site & the Symantec Antivirus Research Centre
websites & cannot find any information on that service name. Actually,
searching the Internet using Google only brought up your post about this
service name. Therefore, you need to check what company its from. Maybe, its
SPYWARE & its hooking...

Another thing you can do is click START, RUN, type 'regedit', click on 'My
Computer' then choose EDIT menu FIND (Ctrl + F), type in 'lntbugic' & click
FIND. Press F3 to 'find next' entry

The services are located around (under these keys):


You'll also see the event log entry too.


Let me know your findings on the above, & post more information on what I
advised. Then, I can help you some more

Awaiting your answer


Hello, Crouchie1998

Thank you for your time to look into this problem and I apologize for not
being able to get back you sooner.
I followed your suggesntion.
Under "Services", I checked the Intbugic.
Under General Tab:
Service Name: Intbugic
Display Name: Intbugic
Description: It is just white blank.
Path to executable: It is grayed out and nothing is shown.
Startup type: Manual
Service Status: Stopped.
Even if I pressed the Start button, off course it does not start.

Under Log On Tab:
This account is checked, but there is no account name. It is just white
Password: Password is here, but it is all ********.
Confirm password: Password is here, but it is all ********.

Under Recovery Tab:
First Failure: Take No Action.
Second Failure: Take No Action.
Subsequent Failures: Take No Action.

Under Dependencies Tab:
Everything is grayed out and nothing is shown.

This is all I have. Does this help you to identify the problem?
Once again, I appreciate if you can give some advice.

With best regards,
Hiro Shiratori

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