Event ID 5792. No LDAP server in site



I need to know if Event ID 5792 is a problem?

I have got two domains a.com and b.com
a.com is an empty root. b.com contains all the resources.

I have got three sites.

SiteA is Windows 2003, contains dc1.a.com(DC/GC/DNS) & dc2.b.com (DC/DNS)
SiteB is Windows 2000 contains dc3.b.com (GC/DC/DNS)
SiteC is Windows 2000 contains dc4.b.com (DC/DNS)

When dc2.b.com is rebooted it advised in the Event Viewer that

"Site B does not have an LDAP server for non-domain NC
'DomainDNSZones.XYZ.com'. LDAP servers in site A have been automatically
selected to cover site B for non-domain NC 'DomainDNSZones.xyz.com' based on
configured directory services replication costs"

DNS is intergrated into the AD.

I thought that a DC was automatically an LDAP server and that I should not
get this error.

Thanks for any assistance.

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