Ethernet Problems



My OS is Windows 2003 Server, The computer
runs fine UNLESS I plug in the Ethernet Cable. When the
computer starts up and enters Windows everything is fine,
but after about 2 minutes there is an error like this:

svchost.exe - Application Error
X The instruction at "0x7572eb3c" referenced memory
at "0x90909090". The memory could not be "written".


X The instruction at "0x77ce5617" referenced memory
at "0xd8eaeblc". The memory could not be "read".

Then the computer gives me 60 seconds and automatically
shuts down.
I've tried swiching the Power Strip, the CAT5 ethernet
Cable, the Ethernet Card, and I took out each of the two
RAM sticks and tried them one at a time. After all that
I figure it must be a software problem. What can I do?




Dave Patrick

Check Event Viewer for errors. When you view the logged events in Event
Viewer (double-click them in the right-hand pane) in the upper right corner,
third button down is a copy to clipboard, then you can paste in the body of
a reply message.

Please do so for each of the different System Log events (that are a Type:
'Error' or 'Warning') since last boot so we can see all of the event detail.

Also check Device Manager for error codes and or non-starting devices.



Dave Patrick ....Please no email replies - reply in newsgroup.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft MVP [Windows]

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