Espon 820, Win2k & garbage printing



I hooked an Epson 820 to my Win2k SP4 machine, and it was
recognised and allocated an 'Epson 820 esc/p 2' driver -
however, when I try and print the default test page, all
is get is long lines of garbage characters & it attempts
to print beyonfd the ends of the print-head carriage travel

Any ideas ? is the Epson Stylus 820 color, the same as an
Epson 820 esc/p 2, and if not, does anyone have any idea
where I could get a suitable driver ? (btw, this pronter
worked fine with my old Win95 box)

Thanks for any help



Hi Dorothy,

This junk printing may be due to improper/mismatched
printer driver.
Printer is not able to understand the PDLs or
reg key is bad.

Please look for proper driver, based on PDLs ( like PCL
XL, PS, PCL-5c etc ).


Jo Wolf

Thanks - Any idea on how I chose which other printer driver to try ? -
Also, what is PDL ?


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