error when loading outlook - can't find "sorttbls.nlp"


Wendy Chamier

When I try and load Outlook 2007 I am getting an error message saying
"Business Contact Manager failed to initialise the common language runtime.
Could not load file or assembly 'sorttbls.nlp or one of its dependencies'.
The system cannot find the file specified".
In fact I get two that pop up and I can't cancel them - I can minimilise so
I can continue working, but not close them. but I can't then access Business
COntact manager

Any ideas?
Many thanks


am having same issue.. it is because.. i think... i deleted languages not
used by me? anyone know how to fix this... mick


Does someone have a REAL answer here. I have the same problem and can't get
rid of it. I tried uninstalling, no go, I tried going to cmd function and
utilizing a microsoft employees technique to fix problem which is posted
rather high if you google "sorttbls.nlp", not working actually really screwed
up my machine and had to do a restore to a previous time.

PLEASE someone help. MICROSOFT???

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