Error using NTFS Convert command


Robert Compus

I am trying to convert a second drive on my PC to NTFS
from FAT32. I have Windows 2000 on C drive. When I
execute Convert command=> convert f: /fs:ntfs to convert
my f drive, I get the following error message: Cannot
find the utility library which contains CHKDSK for the
ntsf file system. The volume cannot be converted to
ntsf. I can execute chkdsk on my c drive so it seems to
be there.

Britten Martin [MSFT]

Robert ...

A couple of things ...

1. Can you go to a command prompt and type CHKDSK f: ? Does chkdsk run all
the way through?
2. If the answer to #1 is YES, boot into safe mode and try to convert the

Let us know how it goes.

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