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Alhambra Eidos Development

Hi all, I have this trouble:

I using VS 2008 Team Suite, and I have WinForms csproj. I want Publish it
using Click Once.

In Publish Properties of csproj, I have this values:

Publishing Folder Location (web site, ftp server, or file path):

Installation Folder URL (if different than above):

Publish Version:

Prerrequisites: Windows Installer 3.1, .NET 35. sp1

Now, Publish and All is OK done. I need deploy my Publish in several
machines (Development, Preproduction, production environments...), and I use

Then, using MSBUILD

<Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Folder.CopyFolder Source="Publicacion"
Destination="$(Directorio_Destination)\Publicacion" />

I copy C:\ClickOnce\Frk.Security.CarWin.WebInstall\Publicacion\ to another
machine, in folder (this folder is root of a Web Site)



I use MSBUILD and Mage like this; variable $(ProviderUrl) =

<Target Name="PublishClickOnce">
<Exec Command="$(Mage) -u $(PublishDir)\Frk.Security.CarWin.application
-pu $(ProviderUrl)" />

<Exec Command="$(Mage) -u $(PublishDir)\Frk.Security.CarWin.application
-cf $(CertDir)\Frk.Security.CarWin_TemporaryKey.pfx" />

Now, I have my publish.htm in

There are two links to install application:
1. ) http://desiis/Carwinclickonce/Publicacion/Frk.Security.CarWin.application

For this option, ALL IS OK, WELL DONE

2. ) http://desiis/Carwinclickonce/Publicacion/Setup.exe

For this option, I get errors, fails !!!

The errors are the following:
Error al intentar descargar
(FAILS when try download

Vea el archivo de registro de la
instalación que se encuentra en
para obtener más información.

install.log contents:
The following properties have been
set: Property: [AdminUser] = true
{boolean} Property:
[ProcessorArchitecture] = Intel
{string} Property: [VersionNT] = 5.1.3
{version} Running checks for package
'Windows Installer 3.1', phase
BuildList The following properties
have been set for package 'Windows
Installer 3.1': Running checks for
Result of running operator
'VersionGreaterThanOrEqualTo' on
property 'VersionMsi' and value '3.1':
true Result of checks for command
is 'Bypass' 'Windows Installer 3.1'
RunCheck result: No Install Needed
Launching Application.
URLDownloadToCacheFile failed with
HRESULT '-2146697211' Error: Error al
intentar descargar
(FAILS when try download

Any help, please ?? For me, is nightmare, many fear...


use msbuild for using setup -url=


Exec Command="$(PublishDir)\setup -url=$(ProviderUrl)" />

Another problem is that after using the /url switch to change out the URL,
it appears message for manually confirming that the signature will be
invalided for the assembly.

two issues:

1. how can use setup -url=http://.... in mode silent ?? I dont want that
appears the message for confirming.

2. How can signature the setup.exe again ??

any solution about it ?? Thanks mister

My msbuild

<Target Name="PublishClickOnce">

<Exec Command="$(PublishDir)\setup -url=$(ProviderUrl)" />

<Exec Command="$(Mage) -u $(PublishDir)\Frk.Security.CarWin.application -pu
$(ProviderUrl)" />

<Exec Command="$(Mage) -u $(PublishDir)\Frk.Security.CarWin.application -cf
$(CertDir)\Frk.Security.CarWin_TemporaryKey.pfx" />


any solution about it ? Can use Mage.exe commands ?? How can I modify
setup.exe ??

thanks in advanced, greetings, regards

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