Error The data area passed to a system call is too small



I have an HP Designjet 500 D size plotter (on port one) and an HP Designjet
430 D size plotter (on port two) connected to a Netgear PS110 Printserver.
There are 7 2000 Pro Systems that access the plotter through a Netgear FS116
10/100 Fast ethernet switch. Assigned IP's are handed out to the workgroup
via DHCP on a Netgear FR114W cable router.

Problem One:
When everything was first connected It all worked good and fast. One day, as
if a switch were flipped. The access time to the plotters doubled to almost
30 seconds. The slow down is limited to the plotters only. Don't know why.

Problem Two:
One of the seven systems accessing the print server can no longer access the
plotter on the first port of the print server. When I try to add the plotter
in the add printer wizard. I get a mesge that says. "Error: The data area
passed to a system call is too small." WHAT the HELL does that mean?

I look through the MS Knowledge Base. Everything pointed toward server 2003
or windows 98, nothing seemed to relate. This is a big problem. Can anybody


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