Error: "The attachment can't be downloaded from the server" using Outlook Connector for Lotus Notes



I'm using Lotus Notes Release 6.5.2 June 01, 2004, but prefer the UI of
Outlook 2003, and so I access my lotus mail via the outlook connector
(v2.0.4007.0). One of the most frustraiting setbacks is that some, but
not all, of my attachments are somehow unable to be accessed resulting
in the following error...

"The attachment can't be downloaded from the server. Make sure your
computer is connected to the network and your Domino server is running,
and then try to download the attachment again."

This happens often enough to adversely affect my ability to perform my
job function efficiently and effectively, but not adversely enough to
give up the Outlook UI. Still, I'd love to solve this nagging issue.
This also doesn't seem to be an issue at all with certain users (my
boss thankfully, who also uses outlook) and much worse with others (who
knows what they're using?!)

I noticed that if after using Outlook in a failed attempt to download
an attachment, I use the Lotus Notes Client to retrieve that same
attachement, Lotus does download the attachment, but offers this

"Save Failed, Attachment has been modified or corrupted since signed!"

I was able to open the attachment though and extract the contents of
the zip file. I've not yet tried this on a word doc.

I've found the following articles which are no help:

I'd be greatful for any help/suggestions!

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