Error: setupdd.sys not loaded



When I tried to set up Win 2000, I got the error
message "File setupdd.sys could not be loaded. The error
code is 7." After I hit Return, it went on loading other
files and then another error message came up, "The file
pcmcia.sys could not found." That's when Win 2000 gave up
with "Setup failed". Any help would be appreciated.

Daniel Chang [MSFT]

Probably bad media (CD) or CD drive.

Daniel Chang, MCSE (NT4, 2000)
Server Setup Group

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Matt Hendrix [MSFT]

Hi Raymond,

Also, are you performing a clean installation of Windows 2000 or an
upgrade? I'm not sure what you are running into here but here are some
suggestions to try. If you are running a clean install run setup again
and delete the partition that you are attempting to install Windows to
during the Text Mode setup stage. We have seen issues in the past where
drive overlay software has caused this error. I have also seen this error
when the wrong SCSI driver was specified during setup when hitting F6 to
specify the controller. There is also a Knowledge Base article for Windows
XP that addresses this error and it mentions a hardware problem and steps to
try, even though we are using Windows 2000 I would follow the article to see
if it resolves the issue.

330181 Windows XP Problems with Damaged or Incompatible Hardware

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