Error reading setup initialization file



I hope someone can help with this...

I download and click to install and it says- "Error
reading setup initialization file"
What does that mean?
I have Service Pack 2, Norton AntiVirus, and ZoneAlarm
installed as protection.
I had to do a System Recovery today and had to reinstall
all of these things. While trying to install MS
AntiSpyware, I keep getting the error message as I said
before. The puzzling thing is, I had the MS AntiSpyware
program for a few days before I did the System Recovery
and it installed and ran with no problems.
Thanks in advance!

Bill Sanderson

How far back did you go in time, with the System Recovery?

I'd recommend going to WindowsUpdate and checking for any missing critical


I had the same thing happen to my computer, only I have
never been able to install the spyware - just keep
getting messge "Error reading setup initialization
file." Any suggestions?

Bill Sanderson

Make sure that you are an administrator on your machine. Do a fresh
download from

Download to a location on your hard drive--say, the desktop. Save the file.

Then run it to initiate the install.

You might want to disable real-time scanning on any antivirus applications
before starting the install--just for the duration of the install.

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