Error Messages - BCM Installed on Outlook 2003


Kevin Young

I recently installed BCM on Outlook 2003 on both a tablet pc and a laptop. After installing I went to office updates and installed all of the related updates. On both systems when I initially open Outlook I get up a pop-up message that says: "Business Contact Manager - The folder you specified cannot be found". I press the OK button and the message then pops up again and I have to keep pressing OK. This happens about 6 or 7 times each time I open Outlook then Outlook w/BCM seems to operate fine as does BCM until the next time I reboot when I must go through the same process again.

This is happening on both the laptop and the tablet. Other Outlook add-ins that I have installed on both machines include the OneNote 2007 Outlook Add-in, Newsgator Inbox, newsgator nntp plug-in, Outlook Connector for MSN and that is about it.

Has anyone else had this problem and know of a solution?




I couldn't even get passed the initial startup of Outlook 2003. I kept
getting the "send a report" error window which referenced Business Contact
Manager. After uninstalling BCM, Outlook works fine (of course). I'm checking
other post for suggestions and will post ideas as I come across them.

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