Error messages: "a network cable is unplugged" when not



I use a cable isp and have a linksys 4 port router
getting a uplink from a Netgear 4 port router. I have
switched uplink cable from crossover to straight cable to
no avail. I have searched many forum sites and found lots
have this error message when cables are fine,
I am using XP Pro.. one forum had a registry solution
involving a "sensor check" that is not passing, causing a
error message, The registry sounded like a good solution
and very logical, but was only a MS knowledge base for
Win2K solution, Since XP is built on W2K architecure I
may just try the registry soluntion with a backup. I
haven't so far because the regedit32 was not clear to me
on how to edit the value and the "dword" feature in the
the new value. Any ideas or suggestions to solve this
bug would be appreciation, with a thousand thanks,


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