Error installing XP servicepack2 x64


Jose Medeiros

I have an Intel Quad core with a G31 chipset motherboard. I installed XP
64bit and then attempted to apply service pack 2, however the following error
" Setup could not find update.inf ". This install only has the updated Intel
Chipset and graphics drivers. I was also able to install this service pack on
a AMD 64 bit CPU with out this error. I probably could slipstream the service
pack and build a new bootable CD, however I rather not.

Any idea's how I can resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance!

Jose :)

Colin Barnhorst

Make sure you are installing the right service pack. SP2 for XP Pro x64 is
not the same as for XP x86. It is the same one as for Windows Server 2003

Jose Medeiros

Hi Colin,

I realize that most people posting to the list asking questions are
generally new with XP, however I strated my MCSE training with NT 3.51 server
and Exchange 4.0, so I well aware of the diffrence. The same 64 bit
version of the service pack installs just fine on a AMD 64 Bit CPU, and the
32 bit version of service pack 2 installed on the same Quad core ( I dual
boot both versions ). Also the post security patch's installed just fine
using the Windows Update service on the 64 bit version. Any one know of a
work around, as I do not feel like slipstreaming the service pack.

BTW: I called Microsoft first level support and they stated to install the
service pack in safe mode, against my better judgment, I tried what they
stated, and received an error that the " Update.exe" service can not start in
safe mode.

Thank you in advance,

Jose Medeiros

Colin Barnhorst

The reason I was making sure is that this newsgroup is primarily XP x86
users. Usually questions about XP Pro x64 are asked in SP2 for x64 has been extensively
discussed there but seldom here.

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