Error in GDI32.dll


Jon Lie

I'm trying to set up a new pc with Win XP sp1. 2 times I've successfully installed it, but after a few restarts or cold boots, I get the same error:

STOP: c000007b (bad image)
The Application or DLL \??\C:\windows\system32\GDI32.dll is not a valid windows image.Please check this against your installation diskette

If I replace GDI32.dll from the cd, the machine doesn't boot at all. When I get this error and check the filesize of the dll, it says 0 Kb as opposed to 256 Kb originally

Can anyone please give some advise on this?




Im having the same problem with installing Windows XP Home SP2 on a
newly built computer. I tried reinstalling and switching the cd-roms
out. I still need to try the IDE cable, but some help would be greatly
(e-mail address removed)

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